From Admin to VA!

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Are you thinking about starting up your own virtual assistant business? Have you always been interested in having your own company but don’t know what to do?

On March 1st or March 9th at 8 pm ET, Rhonda Scharf will offer a free webinar; “From Admin to VA” where she will discuss:

  • starting your own VA business – what you need to know
  • the pros and cons of being self-employed
  • running the business as well as being a full/part time employee and the pitfalls to avoid
  • where to get business and make money
  • marketing, networking, and making the transition smoothly

Attend on either date (webinars will be the same content), and be sure to tell your friends to attend too (who knows, maybe you can start up your company together)!

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Upon registration, you will receive details about the webinar on the date you have chosen. You will also receive information on your preferred email from prior to the webinar. Please whitelist both and to ensure you receive everything you need to make the transition from Admin to VA.