Can you ask for help?

I’m a pretty black-and-white thinker. I’m all about an action plan, a solution, a strategy. I provide solutions to my clients, my friends and my family. I can always come up with solutions to other people’s problems. It’s my issues that are the problem. Sometimes my issues feel too big, too close, and too emotional … Continue reading Can you ask for help?

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Find a Cheerleader

As you may know, I’m a reality TV fanatic. My favourite of them all is The Biggest Loser. I am so motivated by what these people can do, by the challenges they face, the obstacles they overcome, and their sheer drive to lose an incredible amount of weight in a very short time.

Plus, I don’t eat a thing while I’m watching The Biggest Loser, which is good for me.

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No Negativity!

How is your negativity level?

 We are the depths of winter, and as I write an enormous snowstorm is pounding on over 100 million Americans. Even we Canadians are scared of this storm, and the media is having a heyday. The panic is widespread, the cancellations started 24 hours in advance and you would think that most of us had never dealt with snow before.

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