Do You Prioritize or Panic?

Do You Prioritize or Panic? Are you strategic about how you organize your daily work? Or do you tend to panic, jumping from task to task and doing the thing that happens to be right in front of you? So often as admin professionals we end up responding to the loudest voice or the most … Continue reading Do You Prioritize or Panic?

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Cell phone at work

Help Me Rhonda, I think I’m addicted to my personal mobile phone at work. I realize I shouldn’t be using it during business hours, but I can’t help myself. I tell myself I need to have it on my desk in case my child’s daycare calls with an emergency, but when a friend calls or … Continue reading Cell phone at work

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Pushing yourself towards greatness

How do you react when someone pushes you? I don’t mean pushes your buttons to get a reaction, but pushes you to do more, achieve more, reach higher. “Pushing” can come in many forms. It can be simple encouragement, like when your parents pushed you to take music lessons. It can come from colleagues, who … Continue reading Pushing yourself towards greatness

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Squirrel! Imagine that it’s 7:15 on Monday morning, in the dead of winter. The phone rings and it’s a radio station calling to tell you that you’ve won an all-expenses-paid trip for two to a beautiful Caribbean island. The airplane leaves Wednesday morning. Would you be on that airplane? I assume you would. I know … Continue reading Squirrel!

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How to say No

Don’t you hate it when you complain to a colleague about having too much work to do and their response is, “just say no!” It really isn’t that easy, is it? And honestly, I think that saying no isn’t always the smartest thing to do. I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what it … Continue reading How to say No

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Can You Relax?

I think I just might be in heaven right now.

I’m at the cottage. I’m all alone and the only sounds I can hear are the birds and the bullfrogs.

I absolutely love this kind of relaxation and truly appreciate these rare moments when they happen.

So what am I doing working on my laptop, you ask? I’m sharing a little piece of bliss and wondering if you know how to relax. I am disappointed to know that many people do not know how to relax at all. I actually find writing relaxing, so it isn’t work for me.

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