Are You Conversationally Intelligent? – New Webinar – June 15

Click here to view this email in your browser.     Are You Conversationally Intelligent?: New Webinar on June 15  Hi David As an administrative assistant, dealing with multiple individuals with differing priorities, knowing how to quickly build rapport becomes a powerful asset. Many people unknowingly trigger emotional reactions in others by how they speak. … Continue reading Are You Conversationally Intelligent? – New Webinar – June 15

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How To Love your Job

Are you a Meg or Lupita?  Her name was Meg, and she had a head full of beautiful silver hair through which she routinely ran her hands. She had a smile that was genuine, and ever present. Her bubbly personality was contagious and enhanced our enjoyment ten-fold. She was the wine pourer on a recent … Continue reading How To Love your Job

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Are you joyful?

  Joy is a deep-rooted feeling of ultimate contentment. Joy shows itself on your face, and in your actions. How often do you feel joy? Do you even think about it? What brings you joy? What causes you to feel peace and contentment? I recently made a commitment to search out joy in each and … Continue reading Are you joyful?

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The way you make me feel…

It’s great to work with someone who makes you feel important. Someone who remembers your name, and maybe that you have a dog named Brownie or that you recently took a vacation to Florida. When you work with someone like that, the time seems to fly and you look forward to working with them again. … Continue reading The way you make me feel…

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Perfection Is Far From Perfect

I was sitting in the airport today when a tall, striking blonde woman, about my age walked by. She had long blond hair (extensions), beautiful long lashes (false), perfectly manicured nails (acrylic), tight facial features (botox), full puffy lips (collagen), overtly perky breasts (implants), and a fabulous size-four body (a personal trainer, I’m guessing). Her … Continue reading Perfection Is Far From Perfect

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I’m cranky today

I’m cranky today. This is a rare occurrence for me. Rarer still – I’m admitting it. Normally I don’t tell anyone that I’m not in a great mood.

Usually, I just fake a good attitude.

Do you tell people, or do you fake it?

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Do you have “Foot in Mouth” disease too?

I’ve opened my mouth and managed to get both feet in there! Sure, I’ve done that before – we all have – but this time I’ve hurt someone who matters to me and that makes me feel terrible.

I jokingly say that I have a (self-diagnosed) disease that makes my lips work faster than my brain. I have a quick wit and a dry, sarcastic sense of humour that gets in me a lot of trouble. Regularly.

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