Feeling the Fear

I went to see the movie Horrible Bosses this week. I laughed a lot, and was grateful that I’ve never had any bosses in my life quite as bad as the ones in the movie.

I do hear a lot of horror stories, though. I certainly know that some people are not so lucky to be working with a great boss or in a great job. I certainly have compassion for people who feel trapped by their situation into staying in a job that takes advantage of them.

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Business relationships are typically accidental. It’s not like we get to hire our friends, right? But every once in awhile, someone you meet at work becomes a friend for life.

I interviewed Caroline Kemp to be my office manager in the spring of 2008. I hired someone else. I liked Caroline immediately, but wasn’t sure the timing was right. She wanted the job and continued to stay in touch with me even after I hired someone else. I liked her confidence. I liked her friendliness, and I loved that she didn’t give up. So I eventually hired her as my office manager.

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Do you micromanage?

I’m not proud of it, but I am a micromanager.

I used to work for a micromanager. It wasn’t pleasant; it was hard on my self-confidence and I swore that I would never become a micromanager. “Mike” used to follow up on every detail; he used to give me step-by-step instructions on how to do things I had done a thousand times, and he would make notes on every little thing that was not done the way he would have done it (and bring it up during my review).

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