Can you ask for help?

I’m a pretty black-and-white thinker. I’m all about an action plan, a solution, a strategy. I provide solutions to my clients, my friends and my family. I can always come up with solutions to other people’s problems. It’s my issues that are the problem. Sometimes my issues feel too big, too close, and too emotional … Continue reading Can you ask for help?

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New Supervisor Worries

Help Me Rhonda: I’m new to my company, in my first supervisory position. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes and I want to be seen as a friendly boss but I feel like I’m being tested every day by my new staff members. For example, two of them will often be chatting to … Continue reading New Supervisor Worries

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How To Love your Job

Are you a Meg or Lupita?  Her name was Meg, and she had a head full of beautiful silver hair through which she routinely ran her hands. She had a smile that was genuine, and ever present. Her bubbly personality was contagious and enhanced our enjoyment ten-fold. She was the wine pourer on a recent … Continue reading How To Love your Job

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Are you joyful?

  Joy is a deep-rooted feeling of ultimate contentment. Joy shows itself on your face, and in your actions. How often do you feel joy? Do you even think about it? What brings you joy? What causes you to feel peace and contentment? I recently made a commitment to search out joy in each and … Continue reading Are you joyful?

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I’m cranky today

I’m cranky today. This is a rare occurrence for me. Rarer still – I’m admitting it. Normally I don’t tell anyone that I’m not in a great mood.

Usually, I just fake a good attitude.

Do you tell people, or do you fake it?

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