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Keep your skills current, your image fresh and your reputation intact by making sure your business writing is on-the-right-track.

We change our hair styles, our clothes and our decorating.  And we need to change our business writing skills too.  The danger of not knowing what is current and what is out-dated is your reputation.

Perception is reality.  Ensure your business writing skills are not hurting your reputation.  In just one-hour we can ensure that your business writing reputation will be saved!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the need for an updated writing style?  Why has it changed?
  • Email: subject lines, start fast, and what’s in it for your reader?
  • What still matters and what’s still not acceptable
  • Formatting updates: spacing, indent vs block, sentences, paragraphs and on-screen styles

Wondering how we’re going to get all this done?

Here’s how:

  • “Business Writing Tune Up” is a pre-recorded 1-hour webinar you can attend immediately! You watch the screen and listen to me explain the strategy you need.
  • You can listen to this recording as often as you like for the next seven days! And, I encourage you to listen to it many times – just play it in the background the same way you would listen to music. Your brain will absorb and you’ll have the right grammar skills! You also get 30 days of free coaching along with this webinar.

What do I do?

  • Select the “Add to Cart” option below the video
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to pay your low price of only $79 to access this session
  • Listen/Watch/Learn for the next seven days!


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