Project Management for Administrative Professionals

Face it, you didn’t study project management, yet you’re being asked to run small to medium sized projects while you learn on your feet. Save yourself the frustration and mistakes of learning while you go by attending this program designed specifically for administrative professionals running projects as part of their job description.

You will learn the importance of planning, how to develop achievable plans, work well with all members of the team and achieve the credibility you deserve.

The one-day workshop provides a unique and simplified look at the field of project management, and demonstrates many skills that can be used immediately. You’ll learn practical, proven techniques for running any project thrown your way.

Learning Objectives:

  • What’s involved with project management from the admin perspective
  • How to plan a project
  • Understanding stakeholders, sponsors, leaders and clients
  • Defining the real problem
  • Managing the different phases of project management
  • Key skills of project management: vision, direction, technique, analysis and approach
  • The project management life cycle
  • Constructive problem solving and decision making
  • How to communicate with various stakeholders and clients within the life cycle of the project
  • Communicating the good, the bad and the ugly of your project updates
  • Managing “mission creep”
  • Assertive skills for today’s project manager
  • Tips and tools for project management

Benefits of bringing this course to your workplace: At this workshop you’ll learn how to influence, inform and manage projects through the use of real life examples, group discussions, role-plays and interactive hands-on exercises. You just won’t hear the theory about current project management information; you will take the knowledge and apply it to real-life situations immediately. You will walk out of the program with skills that are immediately applicable in any situation.

“I really enjoyed the Project Management for Admin Professionals course. The course confirmed so many unknowns about my job that I have been naturally doing for a very long time. At my workplace I have never really fit into the typical Administrative Assistant role. My job has always been more problem solving than anything else. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to finally know where I belong. I have come back to the office so pumped and energized. It’s a great feeling.”
Amanda Horn
North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit