Rhonda has been an award-winning speaker for over 20 years. She has the unique ability to look at the normal and see something quite different.

She is a funny girl, with funny stories and a fun way to look at life as well as live life. She has been described as insightful, humorous, entertaining and even contagious and she is guaranteed to find an opportunity or two within her talk to make everyone sit back and take notice.

Whether it is a content rich workshop or an engaging keynote, Rhonda will work with you to create what you need for your event. Take the opportunity to turn your event into something different!

At ON THE RIGHT TRACK we have a philosophy about training and the importance of high level of interaction and involvement. We always involve the audience. All our trainers like to use humor, participation from the audience, and applicable situations and examples. In advance of the presentation we will spend time discussing the audience as well as do our own research to ensure that the program is completely applicable to everyone. The examples will be specific to the situations that the participants would encounter (and are often real examples, with the names changed to protect the innocent!).


Rhonda has several distinct approaches to her speaking events and always works with you and your team in order to create a customized solution directed towards your needs (and not some off-the-shelf training program which may or may not suit your needs). Rhonda believes in hands on training, coaching and consulting and uses a variety of creative activities in order to help motivate, educate and gain the co-operation of your team members.

She is dedicated to making your event a success, so whether you need a high energy opening keynote to rally the team, a content rich discussion or a closing keynote to wrap up your entire event, then Rhonda is the one to rely on.

Rhonda has spoken in 13 different countries to tens of thousands of people and is a well-recognized authority on efficiency and effectiveness. Don’t let yourself think that means time management either. She will find the gaps in your organization and show you not only how to fix it, but get everyone wanting to fix it!

She will work with you to create what you need for your event. Take the opportunity to turn your event into something different!

Confrontation Skills
Control, Confidence & Composure in the most highly charged situations! Learning to confront someone can be done easily and quickly! No more panic, no more holding back from saying what you want to say.