I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Do you feel like you are just putting in time when you come to work?
Hopefully not. Do you feel appreciated, valued and like you are an important part of the team? Don’t fear if you don’t – You’re not alone!

Learn to get “satisfaction.” Just like Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, we are going to do things a little different.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s about your “authority”. It’s
about how you act, how you ask, and the credibility you bring to the office every day. By learning how to communicate professionally, you can learn “To Get Satisfaction!”

Learn how to:

  • build and strengthen your “people” skills
  • develop the credibility you need
  • re-invigorate yourself in the workplace – feel like you make a difference!
  • project a “take-charge” image that wins respect and recognition
  • increase your effectiveness, productivity and satisfaction!

Prepare to have fun, laugh and learn. When you go back to your office, you’ll have a new bounce in your step, and a smile on your face …. After all, what is satisfaction if you don’t feel good? .. You will!

Assert Yourself
Make a real difference in your workplace and life by asserting yourself. Want to express what you really need? Do you yearn to say what you’re really thinking without destroying relationships? You can, with these hands-on techniques right here and now.