Webinar Recording Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Pro Tips

In this webinar you will learn:

• Navigation Shortcuts
• Selection Tricks with the Mouse
• Instant Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts
• The Key to an Instant Table of Contents
• Navigating and Selecting Large Data Sets
• Format Literally Anything with One Shortcut
• Building a Custom Ribbon for the Way You Work
• Popular and Valuable Quick Access Toolbar Customizations
• Customize Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Tasks
• Take Your Customizations to a New Machine
• Converting Ranges to Tables
• Building Diagrams in Seconds
• Present with Confidence

Be sure to download the workbook here, and take notes as you listen to the recording. Feel free to listen many times so the information seeps into your subconscious mind. The more you listen, the more you'll learn.

As you heard in the webinar, Rhonda is providing an extra educational opportunity following our webinar. We have a quiz that you can take as often as you like to help reinforce the learning from the webinar. Each of the 10 questions in the quiz has the answer as well as the reason for the answer (which helps cement the learning).

Challenge your coworkers and your family! Click here to take the quiz.

Keep Rhonda and the team at ON THE RIGHT TRACK in mind when planning your office training, convention, workshops or keynotes, and any consulting issues your company may need help with. Keep ON THE RIGHT TRACK and enjoy your webinar.

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