Rhonda was extremely engaging and passionate while delivering the Customer Service workshop to myself and my coworkers. I enjoyed the level of interaction both with her, the whole group, and our individual groups. Rhonda was always curious to hear our ideas and the processes at our workplace and she looked to build upon those. We left with a workbook full of information and new knowledge on how to improve our own customer service strategies. I would highly recommend Rhonda for future professional development opportunities.

Shannon Maloney
Strategic Enrolment Management Services

I have had the pleasure of participating in several Rhonda Scharf sessions during the past few years – webinars, keynote addresses and full day workshops. I find her presentations very engaging – she’s knowledgeable, funny, and authentic. I come away from each session having gained more than I expected. I was very impressed with the content, the delivery and the learning I acquired.

Patti Emslie

In addition to statistics and information, Rhonda really gets the point across with her personal stories. She hits the nail on the head every time. It was obvious when you see every attendee shaking their head with understanding as she covers each point.

Carol Richards
Saint Anselm College

Rhonda has an exuberant personality that shines through. She is timely, relevant, and on-point.

Karen Swoops
Vanderbilt University

Rhonda’s in depth knowledge and understanding proved this was not a “feel good” presentation but truly and in depth review that connected with the audience and provided proven solutions.

Delivery, timing, and tone were outstanding and she made the presentation interactive and interesting. Her personality is infections and her content was noteworthy!

Marion Saville
Disney Worldwide Services

Rhonda is motivational, inspirational and personable. The groups she has worked with love her, get great ideas, feel able to openly discuss issues of conflict and need! I highly recommend her!

Roberta Hendee

Rhonda recently conducted a workshop to 75 of our Insolvency Administrator’s gathered from across the country for an annual conference. Rhonda’s workshop focused on “How to Deal With Difficult People”. The workshop was presented with insight and humour coupled with great relatable and practical tips that everyone can use in dealing with conflict professionally or in their personal life.

Thank you Rhonda for a great workshop and we hope to have you speak again to our group in the future.

Wendy Villeneuve
BDO Canada Limitedless

Rhonda has a unique ability to be entertaining, professional, and informative all in the same presentation. Her ability to relate our daily work life experience into the presentation enhanced its impact and allowed us to easily understand her message.

Rhonda will make a positive impact and be a valuable asset for any training or seminar.

Houda Affendi
Ford Middle East & Africa

Throughout the years, I have come to learn a great deal from Rhonda. She is a dedicated expert in her field and a true joy to work with. She is multi-talented and is passionate about helping others reach their goals. Rhonda does not disappoint and I highly recommend her!

Pierrette Raymond

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rhonda for over 10 years. She is extremely generous of her time and talent. She truly believes in giving back and she has been a great volunteer to work with. Rhonda has been a constant over the years as a trainer for our Loaned Representative Program and contributed to its success. I hope to continue working with Rhonda for many more years to come!

Chantal Charbonneau
The United Way

The CPA has had Rhonda do several key note presentations for us, whether it be at our Conference or at National Payroll Week. She always resonates with our audiences. The thing that really makes Rhonda a great speaker is that she always responds with a message that is on the mark based on our criteria. She is a consummate professional, who I would have no hesitation to recommend.

Steven Van Alstine
Vice President, The Canadian Payroll Association

She is full of positive energy and discipline and very creative in problem solving. I recommend her if you want your people to take personal action, committed to getting on the right track for success.

Dave Kemp
The Automotivator

Rhonda is an expert in her field. The Excellence in Customer Service training she provided for the City was to the point, inspiring, funny and very effective. Rhonda is a true professional!

Catherine Verrault
Manager of Transit Operations, City of Timmins

Rhonda is an excellent trainer and brings with her both knowledge and experience while keeping her audience captivated with her humor.

Kim Richardson
Guelph Fire Department

Rhonda Scharf has produced and presented management webinars for Ragan Communications, Inc., and ManageBetter.Biz. She consistently produces top-notch, informative webinars – and always gets high rankings from webinar participants.

I enjoy working with Rhonda, and recommend her unconditionally. She is highly creative and organized; and, better yet, has produced webinars that have been very successful and profitable. The presentations Rhonda created have been off-the-charts successful, and here’s why: Rhonda pays attention to the details; her PowerPoint slides are interesting and creative; the information she shares is meaningful and real – and all of this is reflected in the “after webinar surveys” in which she consistently receives the highest ratings.

I enjoy working with Rhonda because she is a “quick processor” who understands the business world. She creates outstanding webinars that tap into the heart-beat of what managers, leaders, administrative assistants, customer service representatives, and HR executives seem to want.

I recommend her without reservation.

Brian Ragan

"Rhonda has great insight and information to share”

Stacy Compton

Oh, also tomorrow we will be doing a presentation to staff about what we learned at the conference. Another coworker and I will be sharing your advice and your analogy of driving a car to setting yourself up for being positive and staying positive. I'm hoping to have some smiles on the stick for my staff as well.

I will give you the credit for all your ideas. Brittany and I simply love them and really want the staff to embrace them as well. I bought your book "Common sense is not common practice" and I will encourage staff to borrow it from me and read it.


Rhonda presented two workshops for our members. The first presentation was “Sometimes you are the Windshield – Sometimes You‘re the Bug” where we learned to take control of our own lives – and through realistic, easy and fun approaches to change, everyone was left laughing about life, instead of crying – but most importantly, the knowledge on how to get back the life we want to have!

Our second presentation was “With A Little Help From My Friends” where our teams were literally buzzing with enthusiasm, positive energy and a sense of purpose. We learned that our productivity and accomplishments can soar to unheard of levels – regardless of the obstacles that stand in the way! This session changed the way your teams operate, understanding each other and ultimately how to succeed.

Our membership thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining presentations that helped us focus our business and personal lives on a positive outlook, even in the worst of times, and the benefits of working with your team, no matter how large or small. We not only learned, we completely enjoyed the presentations and would recommend Rhonda to any group or business that is trying to communicate the benefits of a positive approach, open work style, and methods of working together to accomplish a common goal in harmony.

Our members highly recommend Rhonda’s presentations because of the professional presentation, interactive style and highly developed content. I, personally, look forward to participating in additional presentations at our Education Forum and Meeting at future International meetings of IAAP.

Susi Benson, CAP-OM

I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for an awesome session yesterday.

It’s funny how you can be doing things for years and think you are doing them right or the most efficient, and then you attend at session like yesterday and realize BOY I could be saving myself so much time and stress!!! I wish I knew about this type of think for Admins earlier, but it’s never too late!

Glenda Patten
The Canadian Payroll Association

I'm in my 3rd week back to work, and have successfully changed projects and for me in a much more professional working environment with a wonderful team. I was asked by our director to do a follow up with our HR group about my experience with you, I gladly passed along to them all of the information about the sessions (webinars) and discussions that took place between us since March. They were impressed with the information and the outcomes, as was I, with my newly formed skills as a result of having worked with you. I know that there are others in our group who are experiencing similar situations (on other projects within the division) and the HR group is now looking for ways to help these employees, seems to be almost an epidemic. The HR coordinator has your website/contact information, I am pretty confident that they will be contacting you for further support to others in our division. The woman that is coordinating training in the division was equally interested in your services, and I believe she will be talking with the director.

I can't thank you enough for the patience, professionalism and advice you gave me to facilitate getting back on the right track. You've given me the courage to stand up for what is ethically and morally correct, set boundaries where boundaries needed to be set and gave me a different perspective when I thought the situation could not be resolved.

Kelly Gabie
National Defence

Rhonda Scharf was our key note speaker for the two-day Northern Health Admin Conference in Prince George, BC June 2013.

We found Rhonda Scharf’s presentation style to be very witty, funny, and content rich.

Her sessions on Minute Taking, Time & Workload Management, and the Amazing Assistant- Partnering with Your Boss to Ensure Success; were exactly what we had hoped and more.

Without reservation I’d recommend her to others and hope to one day have her back again soon. (two thumbs up!)

Liz Roden
Northern Health

I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how much XXXXX and I enjoyed the PD session with Rhonda Scharf. The room, set-up and food was also awesome. She is one of the best facilitators I’ve attended with regard to Admin ‘stuff’.

Thank you so much for organizing our Amazing Admin day. Rhonda was an amazing speaker and there was a lot of valuable information. Best of all the food was excellent.
Thank you for putting this together. It was also nice to meet some new people and do some networking.

SAIT Polytechnic

"Wow!" Last night's webinar was so worth my time. You kept us entertained while delivering such powerful and needed strategies for dealing with gossip.

Jean Bohinski
Prudential Retirement

I took your minute taking course a couple years ago and I absolutely loved it! I was so bad at taking minutes, and I hated doing it until I took your course. Who knew this topic could be so fun!

Heather MacRae
Northern Savings Credit Union

"I really enjoyed your training and feel more confident about taking minutes. I wanted you to know your training is one of the best sessions I've ever attended. I really liked your relaxed, yet professional teaching style and your sense of humour really make the day enjoyable."

Carolynn Bailey
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Thank you Rhonda.
It was a very good educational event.
You have an ability to make your class to be, at the same time, very informative and also very entertaining.

Covenant Health, Edmonton

On The Right Track - Training & Consulting is one of the most experienced consulting firms in the Administrative field. The training was filled with insightful and useful information and backed by Rhonda’s professional understanding and innovative approach to minute taking. Rhonda is extremely energetic, and we were impressed by her capability to convey and clarify pertinent information. The administrative team at the Art Gallery of Ontario will be able to sharpen its minute taking skills and improve the presentation of documents.
We were extremely pleased with the success of the training and we highly recommend On The Right Track – Training & Consulting.

Administrative Team
Art Gallery of Ontario

Rhonda, truly, I’m not blowing smoke up your skirt here – I truly feel your course is one of the most significantly beneficial courses I’ve attended in 25+ years of being an administrative support person. I wish I knew about you 13 years ago!

Michelle Hawgood

Hello Rhonda, I just wanted to let you know, that I thoroughly enjoyed taking your course on minute taking in Edmonton yesterday. It was fun and very informative. I will be implementing many of the tips and tricks I have learned. I am so glad that I took the course. Thank you so very much.

Tina Best, Executive Assistant
The Alberta Library