Webinar Recording Business Writing Update


This one-hour session is going to bring your writing skills up to 2017.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create polished business documents
  • Avoiding run on sentences, comma splices, and transitions
  • Watching the hot spots and how to avoid them
  • Grammar refresh (honestly this won’t be painful!)
  • Red flags to watch for (lie or lay, bi-weekly or semi-weekly)
  • Easy memory tricks to help you (remember I before E except after C?)

Be sure to download the workbook here, and take notes as you listen to the recording. Feel free to listen many times so the information seeps into your subconscious mind. The more you listen, the more you’ll learn.

Keep Rhonda and the team at ON THE RIGHT TRACK in mind when planning your office training. convention workshops or keynotes, and any consulting issues your company may need help with.

Keep ON THE RIGHT TRACK and enjoy your webinar.

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Find the Right Word Fast When It Matters Most

Imagine having a quick and easy way to find the correct word when it matters most. No more guessing wrong and feeling embarrassed!
Selecting the right word (is it except or accept? advise or advice?) hasn’t always been easy—until now.

Welcome to Word Trippers Tips’ Sizzling Summer Special—now only $49, reduced from $99 until September 21st.

With Word Trippers Tips year-long subscription, you receive:

Word Tripper of the Week that clarifies a tricky word pair in your in-box each week for 52 weeks. It features an audio option so you can hear each Word Tripper, too. (See sample on this page.)

* 38-minute “Strengthen Everything You Write” webinar explains how to Whack Wordiness (write tight) and features Top Techniques that immediately sharpen your writing/self-editing skills (Week #4 MP3 download BONUS)
* One Word or Two? is a popular reference for checking if a common word should be hyphenated or not. (Week #13 PDF download BONUS)
* Proper Pronoun matrix pinpoints the correct pronoun to use in a sentence fast (Week #20 PDF download BONUS)
* Punctuation Guide makes it fast and easy to know which punctuation to use when. (Week #39 PDF download BONUS)
* Tag-Ons and Redundancies identifies redundant phrases to avoid at a glance. (Week #44 PDF download BONUS)
* 2 Crossword Puzzles play with previous Word Trippers of the Week as a fun way to review what you’ve learned (Week #26 and Week #52 interactive BONUS)

As soon as you purchase this skill-building program, you receive Word Trippers ebook in your welcome letter.

This searchable resource features 390+ pesky pairings that can trip you up. You can find the tricky pair fast and discern the difference quickly.