Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do the webinars work? Is it a per person charge?

A: We charge a flat rate per access line. If your company is accessing in one place (say the Boardroom), yet there are 100 people sitting around the table – that is only one charge! However, if you have each of those 100 people access on their own computer, at their own desk – that is 100 charges. So gather everyone in one place and watch together. Team training is always good!

Q: I’m organizing a conference. Is this the type of thing Rhonda does:

A: Absolutely. She can offer you a keynote speech (or plenary), as well as workshops. They are all engaging, entertaining, and educational. The more you want Rhonda to do at your conference, they more money you will save. Call today to find out what she can offer you.

Q: Does Rhonda ever answer RFPs?

A: Yes. Please be sure to send the information to Rhonda and she will personally take a look.

Q: Consulting, speaker, training, coaching and webinars. Is there anything that Rhonda doesn’t do?

A: Actually, yes. Rhonda is a great organizer and when companies need an expertise that Rhonda doesn’t have, she is more than willing to bring in others to the team. Rhonda is the face and brand, but the team at ON THE RIGHT TRACK is diverse and professional.

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